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Life has its ups and downs, and many times we are able to negotiate those with our own skills and the support of others in our lives.  Sometimes, however, the burdens feel like more than we can handle with our usual patterns.  Sometimes we just feel alone and misunderstood, even by those that usually support us; we may even start to question what we know about ourselves. 

It is at these times that therapy may be especially helpful.  Psychotherapy can assist you in better understanding yourself and the challenges you're facing.  In turn, this greater understanding and awareness empowers you to make choices, change burdensome patterns, and develop and utilize new skills and strengths. 


As a psychologist, I offer a trained ear and warm, supportive environment in which we can work together to better understand your identity, experiences, and challenges.  I am skilled at facilitating your self-exploration and helping you to unearth new insights that can empower you to not only restore your previous strengths, but build upon them to feel greater confidence, peace, and fulfillment with yourself and your life. I have experience providing therapy for people experiencing a variety of difficult circumstances, ranging from stressful life transitions to more longterm challenges such as anxiety, unfulfilling relationship patterns, eating disorders, and history of trauma. 

As difficult as it feels, you can use these times of trial as a means to an improved life and improved relationships with yourself and others.  I would be honored to support you along this journey of growth and self-discovery.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebecca A. Eldredge, PhD

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      Individual Therapy
      Couples Counseling
      Life Coaching
      Professional Consultation
      Professional Workshops
      Diversity Trainings/Seminars
      Clinical Supervision

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Dr. Rebecca A. Eldredge is currently a Licensed Psychologist in Michigan         (#6301015099) and Texas (#33911).

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       810 Cottageview Drive, Ste. 102
       Traverse City, MI  49684

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